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Irvine, Ca


Irvine Little League Baseball Coach offering private baseball lessons, baseball camps, and coaches clinics.


Orange County (Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Tustin) and Los Angeles (Palos Verdes) Little League Coach offering private baseball instruction,  winter, spring and summer baseball camps, and seasonal baseball clinics.

Coach James has been my 11 year old son Ethan's baseball instructor for the past 6 years.  His knowledge, attention to detail, and the ability to articulate his ideas to a young child is unparalleled.  Throughout the years I have seen many different coaches, attended numerous camps and looked for countless instructors and Coach James encompasses all that I look for; someone that respects the game and my child, understands proper mechanics, dissects complex thoughts into simple drills, and is passionate about my son's progression.  He is a great motivator and does an excellent job of teaching the psychological aspect of baseball.  Coach James is a great role model and someone that I wish my son would emulate, not only for his baseball skills, but as a professional and a compassionate person.  We will continue to seek his guidance throughout Ethan's baseball journey all the way through high school.  As a parent the most important criteria is how your son responds to their coach and Ethan loves and respects Coach James!

-Han Park, Palos Verdes

Coach Ballgame is an incredible coach. He is able to teach the kids in a way that is engaging and fun. My son has been to his camp and private lessons and has walked away with improved mechanics and a better understanding of the game. Our kids have talent, they just need to be taught the correct way to execute. Coach Ballgame is able to do that with his ability to communicate with the kids and his years of experience coaching.         

-Brandon Estrella, Irvine Pony

I have had numerous players, including my three sons, receive instruction from Coach Ballgame at his camps and in private settings. Without fail he has created a fun, safe, encouraging environment for players to learn the game of baseball. His passion, humor and love for the game are infectious. Not only will your kids improve their skills, they will come home excited to share useless baseball trivia, (like why Carney Lansford had one of the greatest mullets of all time) and show you all the baseball cards Coach Ballgame has given them for their daily accomplishments. Bottom line, if you want your kids to love baseball, have fun and improve their fundamentals at the same time, I can't think of a better coach

- Brian Rottschafer, CMALL Coach

Coach James has instilled a love of baseball in my 8yr old son. He has taught him more than just positions and rules of the game, he has taught him self-discipline, responsibility, and respect. Coach James always has a smile on his face and truly loves to teach these kids. We are extremely lucky to have found a Coach like him!

- Talinda Bennington, Palos Verdes


Never under estimate the impact that a coach has on a child. Baseball is only a piece of the puzzle with Coach Ballgame. His camps are entertaining, challenging and engaging for all children, regardless of their skill level. His knowledge and love for the game of baseball are infectious for the kids that he coaches. My son leaves every camp more skilled and knowledgable about the game, but more importantly with confidence and pride in himself. He has a greater understanding of sportsmanship, discipline and respect for his teammates and adults. I wish I had a Coach Ballgame when I was a young athlete. Hopefully he will always be a part of our children's athletic journey. Atta'boy!

-Erin McMurray, Anaheim Little League Mom