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Irvine, Ca


Irvine Little League Baseball Coach offering private baseball lessons, baseball camps, and coaches clinics.

Sandlot Pick-Up Games


If you have a child who loves baseball, but either they or you hesitate over the idea of committing to a full league schedule of practice and games then this is for you! This is a fun way for your child to learn about the game of baseball, the history of baseball, and have fun playing baseball with other kids!

Starting this year we will be holding two Sandlot games per location, Beginner/Intermediate games from 3:30-5 and Advanced from 5-6:30. Saturday Games will be: Beginner/Intermediate from 9-10:30 and Advanced from 10:30-12pm.

Please note that the differentiation between Beginner and Advanced is not based on age, but on skill level. A 10 year old who has never played but wants to shouldn’t feel pressured to compete with a 10 year old who is highly experienced.

  • Beginner: Has never played before and/or still lacks the ability or confidence to catch a firmly thrown ball at their face.

  • Advanced: No prior experience necessary, but they must be confident in their ability to catch a firmly thrown ball at their face.

    Feel free to e-mail Coach Ballgame if you have questions!


Monday - Ladera Ranch - Founders Park

Tuesday - Irvine - Presley Park

Wednesday - Dana Point - Thunderbird Park

Thursday - Costa Mesa - Smallwood Park

Saturday Mornings - Laguna Woods - Costeau Park


8 Week Session: $160

Drop in rate: $25 per session