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Irvine, Ca


Irvine Little League Baseball Coach offering private baseball lessons, baseball camps, and coaches clinics.

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Camp Information

Irvine Baseball Coach offering private baseball instruction,  winter, spring and summer baseball camps, and seasonal baseball clinics.

Camp Philosophy

Our goal is for all campers to have a fun and safe experience while focusing on team play and individual skill development. The camp will concentrate on throwing & catching drills and techniques, specialty position practice (pitching, catching, infield, and outfield), base-running, live hitting, hitting drills, and daily live games. It is our belief that young ballplayers can have loads of fun in a positive environment while also learning to play the game from professionals. Attitude, effort, teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship will be stressed throughout the week, while campers learn correct baseball fundamentals.

Attitude & Effort: Your camper will learn to respect and honor the game in an environment where success is measured by effort and teamwork, and not by winning and losing.

Leadership: Campers will be challenged to act like leaders by supporting and respecting everyone in camp: teammates, coaches, and umpires alike.

Skill Development: All participants will leave camp with a high level of understanding of proper technique in all areas of the game. By incorporating drills and competitions developed over a lifetime of playing and teaching the game, campers will gain a firm grounding in the fundamentals to build their baseball careers.

Become a “Student of the Game”: Every camper will be challenged to maximize his or her athletic potential while being encouraged to go above and beyond individual “comfort” levels. By learning new drills, techniques, and philosophies, we hope that all players will become “students of the game.” It is for this reason that campers are encouraged to play many different positions during camp.

A Typical Camp Day

8:45-9:00 Drop-off / Welcome / Trivia

9:00-9:15 Introduction / Attendance

9:15-9:50 Run, Stretch, & Throw

9:50-10:05 Throwing Competitions

10:05-10:10 Water / Shade Break

10:10-10:25 “Skill of the Day” Lesson

10:25-10:50 Drills / Competitions

10:50-11:00 Water / Shade Break

11:00-12:00 Live Instructional Game

12:00 Half-Day Camp Dismissal

12:00-12:45 Full-Day Camp Lunch

12:45-1:00 Light Stretch/Throw

1:00-1:30 Specific Position Stations

1:30-1:45 Daily Batting Lesson

1:45-2:15 Batting Practice

2:15-3:00 Live Instructional / Game / Awards / Pick- Up 

Daily Awards

* Hustler of the Day Award
* Teammate of the Day Award
* Hardest Worker of the Day Award
* Best Listener/Eye-Contact Award
* Dirtiest Uniform: “Tide” Award
* Other special awards 

What to bring

*Players should bring their own gloves to camp.
* Catchers should bring their protective cups and catching equipment, if they want to catch.
* Players should wear a hat and sunscreen.
* Bats are encouraged, but not required.
* Baseball pants and socks are encouraged, but not required.

Campers are responsible for packing their own lunch, snacks, and drinks. Plenty of water will be available at all times, but water bottles, marked with campers’ names, are highly recommended.